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Social Media Marketing as a Force Multiplier for Brand Building

As you know, building a brand doesn’t happen overnight. Some of the things you can do to build it is to have a brand mission statement, to target a niche audience, to develop a brand voice, and to have a brand message.

Developing a brand mission statement will help you focus like a laser (if you will forgive the overused analogy) on what it is you are trying to do with your business.  One sentence is all it takes.  You will be surprised at how empowering it is to put this idea into writing. Here are 3 things you should be doing on social media to take it up a notch:

3 Do’s: 

  1. Do have an entirely active presence on whatever social platforms you do choose to maintain and use. If you do not maintain an active account, you will start to lose tons of followers or worse: you will not gain any new followers a.k.a. Potential customers!
  2. Do make relationships on social media. Twitter and Instagram are some of the best places to make relationships with other brands and users no matter what industry you are in. You can often find great connections on both platforms and cultivate new business you never expected! 
  3. Do regularly interact with your own audience. Your social following looks to you as a thought leader and it never hurts to show appreciation for their engagement and interaction on your business’s content. Spread the love! 

Finally, what is your brand message? Who are you, what do you offer and why should people care? Your brand is defined by a customer’s overall perception of your business.  Along with the obvious things such as packaging, sales and customer service, your website, online advertising, content marketing, and social media is critical to building your brand. Here are 3 things to not do on social:

3 Dont’s: 

  1. Don’t write in all caps in your social captions. While you may think you are entertaining your audience and piquing their interest through “tonality” and “emphasis” it just does not come across this way. Keep it calm, cool, and collected yet straightforward. 
  2. Don’t abuse hashtags. Hashtags serve as a great “tool” for us to reach more users relative to our niche and interested in the content we are posting. Hashtags are not meant to be used to spam users, spam platforms, etc. Be strategic with them!
  3. Don’t automate your DM’s. Please save us all from that automated message in our Instagram DM that dare I say states, “Hey! (insert name here)” 🤦🏻‍♀️We have all been there once or twice, and it just is not a good look for your brand to utilize this method in case of error and looking “spammy” to people the automation is sending the message to. Keep it manual and devote 30 minutes- 1 hour a day to this! You will be surprised at the boost in engagement you will see. 

We’ve done our homework so you don’t have to—we have the know-how and experience to help you accomplish the goal of developing a sustainable, quality brand that strongly projects your brand’s voice and reaches your brand’s target audience. Reach out for that extra help you need in your business.


Is Social Media Management Worth It?

An old tale in the advertising business is how ad agencies used to put ad campaign billboards on the commute route of the company’s CEO. This is so the CEO would see proof of his ad dollars being put to work.  Whether it worked to gain sales, who knows?  The fact is, many of those executives approving dollars spent aren’t engaged in social media, so they can’t see the “proof” their investment is working.
Of course it’s working! Executives need to be educated on why digital criteria like “impressions, likes, time spent viewing, engagement” can be measured and do indeed convert to sales.  And the sales, and likewise, ROI (return on investment) can be measured!  Digital/social media advertising can be adjusted as needed, within hours.  Compare this to a billboard or a print ad that is not effective.  This is the precision of digital/social media marketing.
Behavior-targeted digital advertising can be measured and does work.  One approach is to use the digital modes, and overlay traditional media. Digital marketing delivers on the promise of every dollar spent reaching just the people willing to buy, and every dollar held accountable for being ROI positive.

Is Digital Advertising Right for You?

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has over 800 million users. This presents a wonderful opportunity for you to gain new customers, customers who are on Instagram.  Perhaps it is an appropriate platform for your business.
Millennial users, who are between the ages of 20 and 36 years old today, make up a large portion of the Instagram user base.  They love to shop online, and respond to aesthetically pleasing images.  They also prefer to engage with content surrounding food, fashion, and entertainment.
As an example of how to decide which customers to target, we would research your customers to see what they engage with the most on Instagram.  Then,  this information would be used to target Instagram ads that will captivate your potential customers and lead to greater sales success for your business.  Instagram is not a one-dimensional venue for marketing.   There are picture ads, video ads, carousel ads, and Instagram story ads.  The ads and the type of ads will vary, based on what the objective is.  It is a wonderfully creative platform, and it enables a business to target its ad dollars specifically and with a level of precision that traditional ad platforms cannot begin to approach.
Although some may believe it’s just a matter of posting a pretty picture, there’s a lot more to it than that– a lot more. Let us show you.

Are animals now the key influencers for brands?

You either grow with it or you stay left behind. The latest viral Instagram marketing trend is no… no.. not humans… but Mr. Piggy himself!

Animals are now making up to and more than $2k a social media post in some cases as the new “influencer” revolution takes over the influencer IG market.

What do we think of this marketing trend?

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