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Our Founder

Christina Matheis

Christina Matheis is a thought leader, creative thinker, and intuitive brand strategist. From experiencing the corporate sector, Christina decided to launch a solution that could fulfill all the answers and misconceptions to the pondering million dollar question, “Does social media/digital advertising really work?”

Voila! J’adore PR + Marketing was born. As both a C.E.O/Influencer, Christina knows what it takes to create a fully developed strategy to launch a brand from zero to hero.  She has been able to execute brand campaigns with names such as Zales, Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt Corporation, Hello Fresh, Poshmark, etc.

Christina is a communicator at heart, and a believer in the power of sharing stories. Her purpose is to encourage brand confidence and determination to create, perform and share connectively. 

Meet The Creative Team

Haley Ashby- Sales Pic

Haley Ashby

SDR/Content Dev
Haley enjoys interacting with people, whether discovering a need or reaching an objective. As a SDR/Content Developer, Haley is goal-oriented and strives to meet and exceed expectations.
Taylore Hinds- Profile Pic Borderless

Taylore Hinds

SDR/Content Dev
Taylore has worked in customer service for about five years. She believes to achieve success one must first prioritize commitment. She strives to satisfy clients and exceed expectations.

Katie Craig

Sales/Lead Generation
Katie is an energetic component to our team with a creative approach to sales. She comes from a background in extensive sales and development and continually provides stamina and excellency to our clients and all she does.

“Christina is a joy to work with. She is collaborative, thought-provoking and I’ve never seen a more passionate and experienced professional in the digital marketing space. Her influence across various niche marketing channels is expansive with the ability to grow your crowd organically and ethically. Christina’s tactics, strategies, and techniques have made it incredibly easy for me to manage my social marketing across over four of my own personal brands as well as expand her practices to my partners to add additional value to my business development initiatives.”

-Angela M.- Founder @ Entreprelancers

“Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well.”

Ann Handley