Allure Anti-Aging + Rejuvenation Center

The challenge

Allure Anti-Aging + Rejuvenation Center was trying to develop a broad social audience on Instagram and Facebook. They wanted more inquiries about their medical services coming through their social platforms and more social followers.

The goals

“Health Solutions for Total Wellness”

  • Increase social following on Instagram and Facebook

  • Increase email open conversion rate and click-thru rates

  • Increase engagement on all social platforms assigned

  • Create a social media brand aesthetic

Our approach

First, we created a project management dashboard which laid out all plans of action. Our plan of action included: mood boards for social, client profile mapping, social media target audience scraping, etc.


Finally, we initiated our project mapping in the project management dashboard and successfully grew Allure’s social following by 700% in just a time span of 2 months! We implemented our cohesive social branding road map for their brand and increased their social engagement by 30%.