Social Dry Lounge

To provide extended social reach & awareness to new potential clients for the salon chain and drum up business.

The challenge

Social Dry Lounge needed to bring in more leads and drum up more traffic to their business during the summer season. We took the challenge on of increasing new business into their salon’s and implemented social media ads, email marketing, and utilized Yelp outreach to bring new customers into their place of business. 

The goals

We had three consecutive months to deliver prime results and optimize their social platforms for growth on an upward trend.

  • Increase traffic coming into all salon locations

  • Increase email open rates and conversions

  • Improve Yelp customer satisfaction at all locations

  • Drive in an increased percent of digital awareness online to their brand

Our approach

Design and conception for a lifestyle magazine

First, we created a desirable social media ad concept which consisted of a summer promotion for their salon to increase the excitement around their service offerings. Next, the implementation of the strategy we put together on Facebook Ads. We launched our innovative “Forever 30” summer blow-out concept and watched the data increase exponentially bringing in 30% increased reach and impressions with a 5% clickthrough rate.

Then, we crafted a series of email marketing campaigns promoting the launch of the promotion which led to excellent conversions and customers. 

Finally, we implemented a Yelp customer feedback strategy which rewarded negative and positive reviews with varying promos such as a discount all the way to a free blowout to increase customer satisfaction rates. This resulted in many happy customers of the salon chain and a transition from any negative reviews to good reviews.

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