Goldenspoon Frozen Yogurt Corporation

To increase social media engagement and create marketing partner opportunities.

The challenge

Golden Spoon is the natural choice for anyone interested in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Health means more than just premium quality products. To Goldenspoon, health is a combination of physical, mental, social and emotional experiences. Goldenspoon also supports a healthy lifestyle with the communities we serve by sponsoring health-oriented events and partnerships with like-minded health-conscious companies and organizations.

Our goal was to create strategic partnerships for their brand through influencer marketing outreach and bring them into their stores to try out new launches and promote them to a new niche audience: Millenials. Goldenspoon had developed a vetted baby boomer customer profile and we had to break past that barrier.

The goals

“Goodness in every bite”

  • Increase brand awareness to a new customer segmentation

  • Develop a strategic influencer marketing outreach plan and execute it

  • Create a cohesive social branding pattern on their social profiles

  • Develop creative and compelling social content to captivate the millennial audience they were seeking

Our approach

First, we put our heads together and created an innovative and clear plan of action labeling which influencers we would seek out, what overall social aesthetic we would pursue for Goldenspoon, etc.

Second, we initiated our plan of action. We started our influencer outreach program which drew in many different Yelp and Instagram influencers into various Goldenspoon store locations. They drummed up significant social “buzz” which drew in foot traffic over 20% from the previous period.

Finally, we analyzed our results and reflected. This was a perfect end to a dilemma that was believed to be unresolvable. We drove in the desired target market, increased brand awareness, and exceeded all expectations.