Is Digital Advertising Right for You?

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has over 800 million users. This presents a wonderful opportunity for you to gain new customers, customers who are on Instagram.  Perhaps it is an appropriate platform for your business.
Millennial users, who are between the ages of 20 and 36 years old today, make up a large portion of the Instagram user base.  They love to shop online, and respond to aesthetically pleasing images.  They also prefer to engage with content surrounding food, fashion, and entertainment.
As an example of how to decide which customers to target, we would research your customers to see what they engage with the most on Instagram.  Then,  this information would be used to target Instagram ads that will captivate your potential customers and lead to greater sales success for your business.  Instagram is not a one-dimensional venue for marketing.   There are picture ads, video ads, carousel ads, and Instagram story ads.  The ads and the type of ads will vary, based on what the objective is.  It is a wonderfully creative platform, and it enables a business to target its ad dollars specifically and with a level of precision that traditional ad platforms cannot begin to approach.
Although some may believe it’s just a matter of posting a pretty picture, there’s a lot more to it than that– a lot more. Let us show you.

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